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Stainless Steel Meshes

Normal temperature processing, namely easy plastic processing to use the stainless steel meshes as diversified as possible
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Galvanized Meshes

Application: the galvanized meshes are widely used for screening sand grains and filtering liquid and gas in industry and building industry and also can be used for safety protection of machinery accessories, and so on.
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Iron Meshes

The iron wire meshes are mostly used for coal, mines, buildings, cultivation, hardware products, petrochemical industry, building machinery, protective meshes, barbecue wire meshes and food machinery meshes, and also can be used for graded screening of solid materials, filtering of liquid and mud, and so on.
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Copper Wire Meshes

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Welded Wire Meshes

Stainless steel welded wire meshes are formed by performing row welding on high-quality stainless steel wires and feature acid resistance, alkali resistance, welding firmness, attractive appearance, wide application and so on.
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Crimped Wire Meshes

The crimped wire meshes are wire mesh products which are formed by embossing metal wires which are made of different materials and have different specifications through an embosser and weaving through a novel mesh weaving machine, have square meshes and are multi-purpose.
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Hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal meshes are iron wire meshes made of angular meshes (hexagonal) formed by weaving metal wires, the diameters of the used metal wires are different according to the sizes of hexagons. The metal wires are twisted and woven into the hexagons, and lines on the edges of outer frames can be made into unilateral, bilateral and movable edge wires.
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Gas liquid filter meshes

Gas liquid filter meshes are meshes woven in a special form, are main elements for manufacturing wire mesh demisters and oil-gas separators, dust removal, engine silencing, mechanical damping and so on, and are widely used in automobile industry and electronic industry.



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